Researching New O&P Pathways

Anyone can adopt new technology—but not everyone can actively partner in its creation. Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics (SPO) is proud to have earned the trust of respected O&P industry leaders, energetic innovators, and academic visionaries who brainstorm better, brighter ideas. That trust continues to make it possible for us to support the development of state-of-the-art solutions that enable, empower, and change lives.

As a preferred beta test site, SPO serves as a proving ground for new prosthetic and orthotic technologies during their final development. Beta testing offers an opportunity for real users of O&P components and devices to “test drive” new products under careful supervision, in order to detect any quirks or anomalies that should be addressed—it affords an independent third-party evaluation before the product is released to the public. Tests of this nature can’t be conducted in a lab, or within a staged environment; human responses provide the true litmus test, developers agree:

“The human element is absolutely needed,” says Greg Schneider, CP, R&D Prosthetist, Ottobock, “–and this is where we rely on companies like Snell P&O to help us identify suitable patients to test with during product development and to help us by giving their valuable feedback on the usability of the device from a prosthetist’s perspective—and to confirm, most importantly, that the device functions in a way that provides maximum benefit to the patient.”

    Snell’s history of involvement and active support of research and development projects spans more than five decades and includes:

    • an above-knee socket design utilizing CADCAM software and software programs
    • a prosthetic shape capturing and modification component known as the T-Ring™
    • a multiaxial K2 prosthetic foot-ankle
    • patient trials and education involving protocol development for a new microprocessor knee
    • a myoelectric hook terminal device
    • a K3 hydraulic foot-ankle component
    • testing and development of electronic medical software
    • 3-D printed sockets for transtibial patients
    • fabrication, fitting, and testing of new socket materials and techniques
    • and more to come…

    What our beta testing partners say about Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics:

    Into The Future

    “I don’t need a crystal ball to show me that the path to O&P’s innovative future looks very promising!”

    Jeremy Crowell, BOCPO – Vice President of Clinical Services, brings an impressive list of credentials and credits to his role as Principal Investigator for SPO’s current and intriguing future beta test projects and partnerships. His specialized training includes a focus on sensitive interaction with human subjects and objective interpretation of their feedback.

    Still more exciting beta testing partnerships lie ahead as SPO receives invitations to join new partners in taking quantum leaps into tomorrow’s O&P science; and Crowell shares his enthusiasm:

    “Manufacturers of products that are going to benefit our profession in the near and upcoming future have requested us to be part of that development in beta testing for a broad array of products—ranging from feet that are coming into the market, socket designs that are coming into the market, and even a lot of the new microprocessor feet and knees that are coming in the market. And they’re choosing SPO because of the size and caliber of our patient population, as well as our reputation for reliability and unbroken trust.