At Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics, we respect the strength and perseverance it takes to survive breast cancer and treatment. Thus the women chosen to be on our staff to fit breast forms and related products are competent and certified, as well as patient and concerned with your comfort and appearance. You will also find our mastectomy fitting room to be a very private and attractive environment.

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Although a physician’s prescription is required before the actual fitting process can proceed, our certified mastectomy fitters will be happy to arrange a preliminary meeting with you.

In this meeting, your individual preferences and needs can be evaluated, and you will be able to examine and compare the many breast prosthesis shapes and designs that are available to you. Your certified fitter will demonstrate and explain the full range of accessories, including mastectomy bras and camisoles.

Whether your surgical procedure consisted of a lumpectomy or a radical or bilateral mastectomy, Snell has an appropriate prosthetic solution that will be carefully matched to your unique body contours in order to achieve natural and pleasing results.

When you bring us your physician’s prescription for an original prosthesis or a replacement, we can begin the actual fitting process immediately.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of your mastectomy prosthesis as part of treatment. We will be happy to go over your coverage with you when you stop in for your appointment.

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Our research has shown that nowadays you have a range of choices to help ensure that you are as comfortable and pleased as possible with your appearance after being fitted with a breast form. Whether you are an active, athletic woman, a busy mom, an on-the-go professional or a “rocking chair grandmother”, we can advise and assist you in making the right choice for your form. We feature breast forms in wide variety of weights, shapes, skin tones and sizes.

From camisoles and forms that can be fit immediately after surgery, to lightweight and weighted forms to bras, camisoles, partial forms, enhancers, sports and swim forms, and more, we ensure that you will have the best range of choices for your lifestyle.