Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics designs, fabricates, fits and maintains prostheses commonly referred to as artificial limbs) including prosthetic legs, prosthetic knees, prosthetic feet, prosthetic ankles, prosthetic arms, prosthetic hands, and more. Our prosthetists and prosthetic technicians possess a thorough knowledge of anatomy. They apply not only clinical training, but also technological and mechanical abilities in order to provide patients the most functional prosthesis.


Due to uniqueness in human physical anatomy, prosthetic devices must be precisely customized for each individual.

Custom fabrication often involves skill and knowledge of sophisticated technology. In order to fabricate a custom prosthesis, many things must be considered such as the patient’s level of amputation, their functional needs, their durability demands and their future physical changes should all be taken into account.

Perhaps the most critical component of a prosthesis is the socket. Our advanced design technology allows us to make contoured sockets that fit every aspect of the residual limb, allowing individuals with amputations to be more comfortable and functional than ever before. By distributing weight evenly across the entire surface of the residual limb, a socket helps eliminate pressure points that can lead to pain, sores and blisters.

“At Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics we use design technology that allows us to create contoured sockets that fit every aspect of the residual limb, allowing patients with amputations to be more comfortable and functional than ever before.”
Frank Snell
Prosthetist and Owner



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Leg & Foot


We provide care for every level of lower extremity amputation including hemipelvectomy (transpelvic), through-hip (hip disarticulation), above-knee (transfemoral), through-knee (knee disarticulation), below-knee (transtibial), through- ankle (ankle disarticulation), and partial foot.

Our main focus is to assist each patient reach their mobility goals by creating a prosthesis that is comfortable, cosmetically appealing and functional. We provide individuals with lower extremity prosthetic devices by using the latest technology and the highest quality lightweight materials. All prosthetic options will be discussed with the patient and their entire team to ensure they receive the most appropriate device. We work together closely with the patient, family members, physicians, therapists, and other members of the rehab team, to develop the best treatment plan. 

Our practitioners continually receive training in advanced lower limb prosthetic devices from top manufacturers in the field.

Ability Dynamics®

Rush Foot


AllPro Foot, Aeris Foot, Element Foot, Raize Foot, MotionFoot MX & more


Genium Knee, C-Leg, Harmony, X3, Kenevo, Helix 3D Hip & more


Rheo Knee, Balance Knee, Symbiotic Leg 3, Mauch Knee, Pro-Flex, Power Knee, Flex-Foot, Proprio Foot, Plié Knee & more

Arm & Hand


An upper extremity prosthesis will never completely replace the limb that was lost. However, a functional prosthesis can significantly improve the quality of life of the patient, enabling the individual to perform regular tasks without assistance and assisting him or her to live an independent lifestyle.

Although there is a need for more traditional body-powered mechanical prostheses, patients also have the ability to control their artificial arm and hand by using myoelectric (externally powered sources). A myoelectric prosthesis uses electrodes to register electrical signals from the muscles of the residual limb and uses those electrical signals to control motors which open or close the terminal device (hook or hand) or elbow depending on the level of amputation. Snell has upper extremity specialists on staff, who have years of experience assembling and maintaining these hi-tech devices.

Our practitioners continually receive training in traditional, mechanical devices and advanced myoelectric devices.


Bebionic Hand, DynamicArm, Michelangelo Hand, etc.

Touch Bionics by Össur®

I-digits quantum, I-limb quantum, etc.

Motion Control

Motion Elbow, Motion Control ETD, Utah Arm, ProControl, MC Hand, etc.