Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics fits, fabricates, customizes, and adjusts orthoses (also known as orthopedic braces) for the lower extremities, upper extremities and spine. Our orthotists and orthotic technicians have the expertise to design and produce custom bracing and support solutions on-site thanks to our dedicated fabrication labs.

The field of orthotics encompasses devices used to support, correct or replace musculoskeletal function. Because of the diversity found in human physical anatomy, many factors must be taken into consideration when customizing or fabricating an orthosis. Sometimes orthoses are designed to assist in movement while other times they are created to restrict movement. Orthoses are also employed to reduce the weight placed on a joint, or even guide the development of a part of the body.


Orthotic manufacturers provide orthoses in a range of standard sizes and shapes, which may be fitted to the patient with a minimum of adjustment.

 However, there are also many that require very careful and specific customization to enable them to fit specific body contours. This level of customization is critical because one-size-fits-all or poorly-fitted orthotics can cause further damage to the muscles and bones they’re supposed to support. Here at Snell, even “off-the-shelf” orthoses are fitted for you by one of our highly qualified professional orthotists, who is experienced with the different fitting processes and familiar with the latest designs and techniques. To ensure that your orthosis provides the perfect fit while meeting your prescribed needs for function, our certified experts work closely with you and your physician.

Regardless of your unique needs, our goal is always to increase your mobility and empower your potential.

Hip, Leg, Knee, Ankle & Foot


Our lower extremity orthotic solutions are designed to restore functionality to your legs. By providing support, controlling motion, or correcting deformities, these devices can assist you in returning to activities that your ailments or injuries haven’t allowed you to do.

We provide a wide range of lower extremity options including ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), knee orthoses, hip abduction orthoses, knee ankle foot orthoses (KAFOs), controlled ankle motion (CAM) boots, pressure-relief ankle foot orthoses (PRAFOs), compression garments, and more. We offer all types of lower extremity orthoses from seemingly simple ankle foot orthoses to the latest in advanced orthoses that utilize functional electrical stimulation (FES) to restore typical nerve-to-muscle signals in the leg and foot.

Snell’s certified and licensed orthotists will guide you and custom-fit you based on your physician’s prescription. We employ the latest technology and the highest quality lightweight materials to allow you to be active again.

Our practitioners are kept updated on new advances in lower extremity orthotics from top manufacturers in the field.

Arizona AFO®

Arizona Mezzo, Moore Balance Brace, Arizona Optima Brace, AZ Breeze, etc.

Becker Orthopedic®

Modular components


Custom neoprene orthotics

Cascade DAFO®

Dynamic ankle foot orthoses, etc.

Townsend Rebel Knee Reliever


Dynamic Walk AFO, Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (RGO), orthotic components, etc.


Unloader One, Unloader Custom, Unloader Hip, etc.


Agilium Freestep, C-Brace, E-Mag Active, WalkOn, etc.

Townsend Design® (Thuasne)

OA knee braces, specialty lower extremity orthoses, etc.

Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Wrist & Hand


Upper extremity orthoses are externally applied devices that help restore or improve function of the nervous and the musculoskeletal systems and in some cases, fix structural characteristics. Degenerative disease, birth defects, injuries, and surgeries can all lead to things like pain or discomfort, muscle weakness, a decrease in joint range of motion, and more. Whether you’ve been injured, undergone surgery, or had some other type of upper extremity issue, our highly-trained practitioners will spend the time necessary to determine which type of upper extremity device is right for you and assist you throughout your recovery.

We offer all types of upper extremity orthoses from simple resting hand splits to advanced devices that include power driven hinges which utilize a motor to mobilize a joint. Whatever the need, you can rest assured that our orthotists will pair you with the right orthotic solution to help you get back to your daily life.

Snell’s orthotists and orthotic technicians are trained by representatives from the top manufacturers in the industry so you can rest assured that the device you’re fitted for will do the job it was designed to do.

We carry the top manufactures that provide upper extremity orthotics for our patients.


Custom neoprene orthotics


Specialty upper extremity orthoses, etc.

Breg, Inc.®

Universal wrist splint

Optec USA, Inc.®

Elbow and wrist bracing

Neck & Back


Spinal orthotics are one of the most important types of devices provided by our orthotists. Many issues can be addressed through the use of different spinal orthotic devices such as restricting mobility, providing support or doing both in order to heal injuries, reduce pain, bear weight during pre-operative and post-operative stages of a spinal problem and to treat spinal disorders or deformities.

There are numerous spinal devices available including both custom and off-the-shelf, but the fitting process for all spinal devices begin with a complete evaluation to determine which type of device is right for you. Once our certified orthotists have made an initial determination and consulted with your physician and care team, the next step will be to measure you for the appropriate device. Each spinal orthosis is different, with unique elements designed to accomplish specific goals so proper fit is vital to the success of these devices. That’s why our practitioners take the time to ensure that the right spinal support device is used for your recovery and make sure you feel comfortable using and caring for your device.

Some of the options you may be fitted for include a lumbar supporting orthotic (LSO), a thoracolumbar sacral orthosis brace (TLSO), a cervical-thorasic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (CTLSO), a lumbar supporting orthotic with hip extension, a scoliosis brace, a cervical collar, or a cervical thoracic orthosis (CTO).