Brandon Whitfield

Prosthetist • Orthotist

Credentials & Education

  • Licensed Prosthetic/Orthotic Assistant

Chose O&P Field Because

Brandon was a Snell patient before he decided to make O&P his profession. After a 2004 vehicular accident severely injured his leg and nearly claimed his life, he eventually decided to have the leg amputated and came to Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics for treatment. After getting to know Brandon as a Snell patient for several years, Frank approached him about joining the Snell team as an employee.


"I absolutely fell in love with the profession," says Brandon. "I started as a technician, so I learned to build everything from orthotic braces, insoles, prosthetic legs. I went from there to getting my prosthetic and orthotic assistant license."

Fun Facts

As an avid outdoorsman, Brandon loves duck hunting, deer hunting and fishing at the lake. He describes his family as a “baseball family” and explains that they enjoy spending time at the ballpark.

Favorite Quote

“Everyone wants to be a cowboy til it’s time to do cowboy stuff!”