Kim Simpson

Prosthetist • Orthotist • Pedorthist

Credentials & Education

  • Licensed Prosthetist
  • Licensed Orthotic Assistant
  • Licensed Pedorthist

Chose O&P Field Because

Kimberly claims she first became interested in prosthetics after a high school friend lost his hallux (big toe) in a lawn mower accident. Somehow that incident led her to a career in the prosthetics and orthotics field. After working for twelve years as an assistant and technician, she became a licensed practitioner and now has over two decades of experience.


“Watching a lower extremity amputee receive their first prostheses and seeing the worries disappear from their face as they start to walk again is probably what I like most about my job. Or when I get to race a child who I just fit with superhero braces and I see the excitement on their face when they win because they realize that their braces make them faster than before.”

Fun Facts

While she might not be putting out a record anytime soon, Kimberly thinks that music can make everything better. She believes that there is a song for everything someone is going through. She also predicts that you may see her driving around with a car full of kiddos rocking out with our hairbrush microphones. Spending time with her family is what she enjoys most.

Favorite Quote

“The best part of life is about the memory making moments! Enjoy every memory you make because someday it’s all you’ll have.”