T.R. McClellan

Prosthetist • Orthotist • Pedorthist

Credentials & Education

  • Certified & Licensed Orthotist
  • Certified & Licensed Prosthetic Assistant
  • Licensed Pedorthist

Chose O&P Field Because

T. R. is a second generation practitioner so you could say orthotics and prosthetics is in his blood. He has always had a desire to help people and seeing the difference he makes in people’s lives provides him with satisfaction.


“No two patients are the same. Each has circumstances, goals, and solutions that are unique, so there is always something I learn from each patient encounter.”

Fun Facts

Don’t let T. R. fool you. He usually comes across as friendly and outgoing, but he admits that he is actually a shy person. When he isn’t at the office, you can often find him camping or playing sports.

Favorite Quote

“See one, do one, teach one.”
-William Halsted