Meet Bobby Wright

Grandfather, Barrell Racer, Champion

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do because if you don’t try for yourself, you will never know.”

Nothing can keep Arkansas native Bobby Wright out of the saddle and from inspiring others with his kind and compassionate spirit.

Bobby Wright was born and raised in Eudora, Arkansas, but moved to Hamburg in 1969, where he would attend high school. He recalls graduating high school in 1973, where he would then start a local farming job.

In September that year, on the farm, Bobby’s left boot was caught in a tractor auger, causing his leg to be amputated four inches above the ankle.

He was connected with Snell Prosthetics and Orthotics and worked with Ed Snell to get a prosthetic that would allow him to return to work. After Ed Snell retired in 1984, Bobby transitioned to seeing Frank Snell as his primary practitioner.

Bobby recalls driving many hours from Hamburg to Little Rock to have Frank and the team at Snell take care of his prosthetic needs when there were closer options available. Together, the Snell team and Bobby got a comfortable prosthetic that allowed him to stay active and return to a similar life before his farming accident.

“It was a big adjustment…but if you’re tough and willing to try, you can do it…I just had to grit my teeth and bare it. I couldn’t take off.”

Bobby Wright was back at work on the farm just a few months after his amputation. Not letting anything slow him down, Bobby went to mechanic school, where he worked for several years, finding his love of horseback riding along the way.

Bobby married his now-wife, Fredia, in 1978 and raised two daughters, Chrystal and Stacy. He shared his love of hunting, fishing, boating, and horse riding with them and encouraged them to “set your limits for yourself” and never “let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.”

Bobby moved out to the countryside and bought his first horse in 1980. He quickly found his love for horseback riding and joined the Hamburg Riding Club, where he remained a member for 44 years.

“Horses are like people. Your horse is your friend…and it is just as much your mistake as it is your horse’s mistake when something goes wrong.”

With a prosthetic leg, Bobby faced challenges in learning to control his horse but found support in his wife, Fredia, and the horseback riding community in Hamburg.

“Talk with Snell where you have problems, and they will work through the situation with you…and get [your prosthetic] adjusted.”

Bobby recalls Frank and the team at Snell always being there to help adjust any problems he had with his prosthetic and help tailor it to help him ride better.

In 2005, Bobby began competing in the ‘Buckle Series,’ a barrel-racing competition. Competing against top riders in the area, Bobby rose to the top winning countless buckles and proving that he was not limited by his prosthetic.

Many of his competitors in the ‘Buckle Series’ didn’t know that he had a prosthetic and were shocked to find out, demonstrating further that Bobby doesn’t allow anyone to set limits on what he can accomplish.

In October 2021, Bobby was fitted with a new prosthetic using Aquafit, giving him an even better fit and allowing him to stay on his feet for longer.

“I let [Snell] lead the way…They are up to the latest on everything.”

“What I would tell someone else that has lost a limb…is that life goes on! Life is not over for you, and there is a lot you can still do if you try.”

Bobby Wright continues to inspire those in the same situation as himself and show that there are no limits to what one can accomplish.

Snell has become not only Bobby’s preferred prosthetic provider but family.